In the early days of the races, there were the old Gods.

One of these old Gods was Gereados, God of Destruction. The old Gods were simple dieties, and were uncomplicated by politics or greed. One day as Gereados was surveying his handiwork, he noticed Claivere, the Goddess of Creation, and was immediately smitten.

Gereados began working to woo Claiere, however as his nature is to destroy, all of his attempts ended up destroying things that she had created. Realizing this he fell into a dark despair, and one night over too many cups of ambrosia he began to cry.

Gereados’ tears fell from the sky in a deluge, destroying the landscape far and wide. Knowing Gereados’ feelings, the other Gods asked Claivere to find Gereados and find out why he was so distraught.

When she found him, he revealed that he was indeed infatuated with her, but depressed that all of his attempts at catching her eye resulted in destroying the things she loved. She laughed at this, and confessed that she was more than a little smitten herself with Gereados, as she frequently became bored with what she creates, longing for a fresh canvas to begin anew, and that his attempts to woo her had been very effective.

The two Gods were married soon after, and before long Claivere bore a child. The child-god, who never grows up as he is the embodiment of novelty, wonder, and innocence, was named Bistan, and served as a balance between his parents. Claivere would create, then become bored and move on, Bistan would attach novelty, and sustain the creation, and when the time was right Gereados would destroy it to allow for something new in it’s stead.

And for a time, life was good.

But as the races grew older, and more prolific, and as civilization grew, new Gods began to appear. These new gods had many aspects, were sophisticated, and played against each other in games of politics and war. Soon the races began to forget about the Old Gods, and their power began to dwindle. The first to go was Bistan, whose novelty and wonder were soon overwhelmed by materialism and greed. This sent Claivere into a deep depression, and to save her from fading away completely Gereados convinced her to pour her essence into an amulet, to protect herself.

Alone for the first time in millennium, Gereados realized that soon he would go mad, and so he decided to hibernate, deep in the earth, where none would bother him. He placed a portion of his essence into a twin amulet to his beloved Claivere, which would act as a key to awaken him, and fell into a deep sleep.

And soon after, the rest of the Old Gods either faded or died, and were supplanted by the new Gods.

However, power on the scale of a deity is hard to erase completely, and lingering traces of their power still remains. Every once and a while someone is born with a little extra influence of the Old Gods, and has the potential to become an Avatar. These souls shine brightly, and are usually coveted by the younger gods for their own designs. Some believe that if an Avatar of Gereados were to enter his underground den where he slumbers, holding the amulet of his power, and the right spell cast, that the God would awaken and take the Avatar as a vessel, and the only thing that could stem his madness-induced destruction would be the presence of his beloved….


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